Toy Run 2001

We rode in the Henderson County Toy Run Saturday. Each rider had to provide a toy valued at $10.00 or more which is donated to a needy child in the county. It's a great cause. I haven't heard an official count, but we guessed it at least 1,000 motorcycles were present. Figure most were carrying two people, that's a lot of toys! I managed to snap a few shots. I'm gonna have to remember to get someone to snap a shot of me and the Nomad! I don't never seem to get a shot of myself! Anyway, Check em out...(Sorry fellows, if you aren't happy with the photos, I'll be glad to shoot your bike anytime. There just ain't a lot of room to maneuver amidst a sea of scoots like this!)

There was a buncha bikes!

Here's a 2002 Sporty my buddy Blood rode.

Here's a nice little Triumph that caught my eye.

This is my buddy Richard's Softail. He ought to own stock in the chrome company! It's sharp!

Here's a coupla Bikes that belong to some friends. Steve just bought the one on the left. And Spence just picked up this '82 Superglide.

Here's Rocky's ol' raked out Shovel.

Here's that '82 SuperGlide Spence just picked up. And there's ol' Spence ready to ride.