The Beach Trip 2001

We recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary on September 17. We cut out that Saturday headed to the ocean. We ran down to Lake Lure, and caught #9. I'd been told it goes all the way to the beach, ending right outside of Cherry Grove, SC. Let me tell you, it is one long ride to the beach! We saw more of SC than I really cared to!
We did stop in Hartsville SC and visited a dear old friend and drinking buddy! Sorry Fletch, I didn't even think to snap a photo! We went on down to the beach, despite Fletch's warnings about the distance, and finally wound up in Myrtle Beach about 10:30PM! That was about a twelve hour ride that woulda been six if we'd just went down the interstate! Oh well.
We were staying at a house in Cherry grove that belongs to friends, but we couldn't get into the house until Monday. We stayed at the Yachtsman in Myrtle Beach. The Yachtsman is a top-notch place to stay if you don't mind the price tag!

Here's a shot of Pier 17 from the window of our room.

Then we went on up to Cherry Grove, stopping off for the House of Blues' Gospel Brunch. They have a great brunch, and the music was terrific. Here's a shot of the house in Cherry Grove. It's on the Intercoastal Waterway, which will be refered to now as the Big Ditch!

Here's a rare shot of Ol' Mexy, as he's usually the one with the camera!

And here's Jen checking out the waves.

We spent most evenings hanging out at the Duffy Street Crab Shack, or something like that! We met some nice folks up there on a Road King.
Nice Bike!

And here's the Nomad...

They were down for some Shag convention. We loaded up the scoots and went up to some little bar where there was plenty of dancing going on! Now if Mexy only had a little rhythm!! But that's another story!

It was a lovely week at the beach with no phones or every day hassles. We ate plenty of seafood, drank plenty of cold beverages, road down to Charleston for a visit with the guys in the Low Country, played some miniature golf ( I got a hole in one on the last hole and won a free game!), we had a lovely time. Jennifer took some photos of the sky Monday night. Some tropical storm had just moved through, and the photos are really beautiful.
All you weather buffs just follow the link!

Red sky at night.....