September 2000

We rode Hwy 74 to 221 to the Blue Ridge Parkway up to Blowing Rock, NC.

Now this was one cold ride. Unfortunately we did not get to spend much time enjoying the scenery.
We fought the wind the whole time. No wonder they call it Blowing Rock!
We started by riding to Lake Lure to pickup Sandy's boots and it was so cold they decided to get chaps as well.
Rod, Sandy, & Pearl the Harley
Mex, Jen, & Rhoda the Shadow

We spent the night in Blowing Rock, enjoying the Pool, Spa, and the Barbecue Shack next to the Hotel.
The next morning, it was 32 degrees, with major wind.

Pearl and Rhoda
We hammered on back to the house, it was actually pretty nice by the time we got home!