New Look For The Den

Well, I know it's taken forever, but here's some photos of the face-lift I gave the den in March. I painted the walls crouton, the bookcases are cornhusk, and trimmed everything out in gold. I added a touch of slate green from the office to the backs of the bookcases, and also tore out that planter box / pole thingy and turned it into a nice ceramic bar top, where I have already enjoyed several cold beverages! I also sanded down the ol' tables, and gave them a coupla coats of gold enamel, as well. Wonder if Paige would give me a job on Trading Spaces? I'm way under the $1,000 budget, and feel like I got $1,000,000 results!!

Here's a shot trying to show the full room.
It's kind of a dark photo, but you get the idea.
And another. The bookcases look much better, huh?

Here's the new bookcases, already getting cluttered up!
Pardon the boxes, I snapped these before I finished cleaning!

Here's my nice new beverage station! I put up a cool little cabinet to hold the essentials. I need to carry on the paint to the right, but for now, I've had enough! Maybe I'll get back on track some rainy day!

I know it's hard to see a big difference in these shots, and I didn't really notice a big change, as I was doing the work. But after completion, Scott stopped by and the first thing he said as he turned the corner was "WOW!", so I guess it's a pretty drastic change!
Now if only the New Carpet Fairy would come by......