The pond was losing some water at the end of last year. Mex kept saying it was just evaporation but when we started the pumps again this year it was still losing some water. One morning Mex went out and the pond was almost empty.
BACK to work on the pond - Mex thought he would try re-building the waterfall. Seems to be working so far.
I went outside to take some pictures tonight and could not believe what I saw. Our largest fish was in the bottom pond! Mex swears he did not move it. The fish has a few scratches but seems to be doing fine. Just to show you I took a picture but it is Extremely difficult to take a picture of a swimming fish!
In order to prevent the others from migrating to the lower pond, I took a piece of screen and anchored it under the largest rock over the fall. I was not able to pick the large rock up so Thanks Jim!
Hopefull that is all the work we will have to do on the pond for a while!