Thought since I dedicate so much time to these things, I'd do a little page about my other babies!

This is the first guitar in my collection.

This was a gift from my Mom, she got it at a flea market. No one would buy me a nice (expensive) guitar, because they didn't think I'd stick with it. I put new strings on it, and it immediately began to cave in! But I did learn my first chords on it, and so that ought to show how much I really wanted to learn how to play one of these! It will absolutely destroy your fingers now!! Note the piece of wood under the bridge I had to put in to get the strings off the frets!

Then I bought this Samick from my ol' buddy Steve.
He had just bought a Taylor, and was looking to downsize. So I picked this up at a buddy price, and it's still a great playing instrument. A Lot of people think these Sammicks are low end, but just because they don't cost a thousand bucks, don't mean they aren't a good playing guitar in a beginner's price range.

So at this point, I'd learned a few chords, so I figured I needed an electric. I picked up this Epiphone Strat copy from my old buddy at Case's Music. If ya need a deal on a guitar or such, go see ol' Dick and tell him I sent ya!

I needed an amp, so he tossed in this little practice amp you see in the middle. It's a Sammick, too. Don't let the size fool ya, it's a rocking little devil!

While we're on amps, I kept getting drowned out by all my gearhead buddies, so I bought the bigger Sammick amp you see on the right. Now we're making noise. Then I bought this little Epi amp on the left out of the classifieds one day. Noe everyone can make noise!

My ol' Pal Paul, who plays a little bass, was looking to unload some gear, so I snagged this Peavey TNT100 bass amp. It sounds really good with an accoustic, and it has two channels so I can run a mic as well. It's a perfect setup for the house.

So now I've actually learned to play a little, and felt like I needed a real instrument. A fellow picker had shown me his Seagull, made by a little company up in Canada. He said this guy had a forest of some real nice tone woods up there, and was building super guitars at an affordable price. RIght before Christmas last year, I find myself at the other local shop, Tempo Music. I was just messing around killin' time, and just happened to pick up this Seagull. The sound was amazing. Very good bass tones, which you don't really find in lower priced guitars. I had to have it! Needless to say, me and Santa worked out a deal, and I will fight anyone over this guitar.
It's my pride and joy.
Seagull S6+CW with LR Baggs micro EQ
Cedar top, lacquer finish,wild cherry sides and back.

I picked up this Washburn from my ol' friend Mr. Case recently. I had purchased a bass, and soon decided I wasn't gonna be a bass player. I went back to see what I could do about a return, and ended up[ swapping the Epi Strat and the bass for this Washburn SBF-80.
It's a different kinda guitar. It seems to have a pickup imbedded in there somewhere, note you do not see it. It has a very unigue sound, you can go from accoustic sound to distorted with the tone controls. I have found very little info on this particular instrument, but I'm still searching! Also, I came across this Rhodes 88 Stage Piano you see on the right. I am definitely no piano player, but it's now in the collection!

Somewhere along the line I decided I needed a 12 string, so I could play a few songs, so I picked up this Yamaha. It's a nice guitar.
It's down here at the bottom because it's not really mine anymore. I needed some cash to buy the cover for the hot tub (see Hot Tub Story), so ol' buddy Jim took it off my hands. It's his, but he has kinda left it here, so I guess it might come back home one day!

I also picked up this little nylon accoustic in Mexico. I was having guitar withdrawal, and they had this in the gift shop at the resort. It actually came in very handy during our 9 hour flight delay at the Cancun airport!

That's about it. I also have acquired a Zoom multi effects pedal, a distortion pedal, about a million miles of cables, a cool little wireless pickup that plays thru FM frequencys, a coupla mics, a multi-track recording program (N-Track), and who knows what else!!

My actual present arsenal has been sized down. I got this RockStand for Christmas, and it displays and contains the beasts quite well.
I also got a Coffin Case for the Washburn, but it's not here at the moment, I'll add a pic later. It's a very cool case and worthy of showing off, but we think the wrong case was shipped, and we're trying to resolve this issue ASAP.

I hope to get my own domain soon, and enough space to handle some WAV files for your listening pleasure. Check back soon!!