I finally have found time to dedicate a page to the bikes. This page will be constantly updated, as I get new pics of new scooters. The Nomad will be up first, no doubt!

Here's the Nomad the day she came home.
Here I am on the Nomad.

Here we are in the parking garage at
The Yachtsman at the beach.
And at a crossroads somewhere in newberry SC.
No I didn't get to sign no deal with the devil!

This is my ol' Buddy Scott's Triumph Daytona 955.
This is one wicked machine!

This is Lucy.
She belongs to Cooter.
You've probably saw him elsewhere in this site.
"The Drifter",

This was Spence's Sporty. It's moved on now.

Now he has that very clean "82 SuperGlide.

Here's a Road King we ran into at the beach.

And it's owners Mike and Gwen with Jen!

Here's Jeff's newly acquired '96 Road King. he got a real deal on this one. And Lucy's right beside, and there's my ol' Checy Pick 'em up, and the ol' Jeep's down in the background. Manly picture!! Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!

This is Randy's newest project. Forgive me, I didn't get any specs! If you're interested in purchasing, let me know!

This is a nice looking ol' scoot. Sorry dude, I didn't really catch your name. It was a pleasure though! Nice Paint! Send me a pic after the stretch job!