Mud Valley Rally

We just got back from our first trip to the world famous "Mud Valley Rally". This was a little shindig put on by the Southern Patriots Motorcycle Club, who are a fine bunch to spend a Saturday afternoon with.
Here's a shot of the grounds, it was very nice. Like a private little campground.

Shortly after we got there, someone started off the festivities with a trip to the burnout pit! Mike burned her 'til she popped!

Here's Jeff hanging out.

And Jennifer in her Scooby shirt. I know the color's a little funny, but it was aweful sunny! (get it, I rhymed!)

Here's Buck getting ready to ride.

This is Spence and Cooter coming back from the slow ride competition. better luck next year!

Here's some of the gang hanging out.

Then our old musical buddies showed up.
Let's hear it for "Free Pony Rides"!

This is the one shot I managed to get in.

I guess this photo sums it up. Ol' Cooter is as laid back as the come.

This was my first visit to "The Valley&, but I'd do it again anytime. I WILL take a tent next trip! The barbecue was excellent, the beverages cold, (and apparently bottomless!),the music was great, and once again, a good time was had by all.