Pigeon Forge

Well, we just got back from an extended weekend spent in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tn. We cut out Wednesday after work on the Nomad. Got just about 30 miles up the road when the rain started! So the pictures are a little limited!! Being good little troopers, we stopped, got a bottle of Rain-X, coated up the shield and glasses, and hammered on.

Here's a soggy Jen and the Nomad on the Foothills Parkway, heading into Gatlinburg.

We rolled into Gatlinburg, and had dinner and a few beverages at The HArd Rock. The next morning we visited the Ripley's Aquarium, which was right next door to our hotel. It was a cool aquarium, basically the same as the one in Myrtle Beach. No pics, I never have any luck taking pictures in aquariums. I always end up with a reflection of myself! So Thursday night we stayed at a new hotel in Gatlinburg called the Bearskin Lodge. It was different, basically a huge log cabin type of place. Hit the Smokey Mountain Brewery and Grille across the street. Had more than a few excellent brews, a great steak, and checked out a killer little local band. The Collins Brothers, I believe.
Friday, we cruised on up to Pigeon Forge and checked into the Holiday Inn. Which is a whole story in itself. Ask me, I'll tell ya how PO'ed I was!! Then we actually got a break in the rain, and cruised on up to Cades Cove. That was cool, as usual. It was my first visit there on a bike, so I really enjoyed it. Here's a few pics. I would recommend anyone to spend a day there. It is a totally cool nature preserve in the Great Smokey Mountains National park.
Real pristine nature!

So that was a nice visit. I have more pics I'll try to post later.

And then the rain came again! Luckily we found a little piece of dry before we got soaked!
Then Saturday, made the trip to DollyWood! Whoopee! I had heard about her roller coaster, and just had to try it out. It doesn't look that impressive, I'll have some pics (I'm waiting on real film to be developed!). You kind of roll off the first hill and think "This ain't much of a coaster", and then ZOOM, straight down into a tunnel at 70 MPH! It was a pretty good rush! Then a triple loop, and the iron butterfly,(kind 0of 2 half loops) and it was over. Pretty cool coaster. That evening, just happened to see Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder was gonna be pickin' a little bluegrass. Way Cool! Most impressive group of pickers I reckon I've ever had the pleasure of listening to!
We came on back Sunday, through the Smokey's PArk, Cherokee, NC, Maggie Valley, it really makes a pleasant little trip. Check it out some time!