We rode in our first Poker Run Saturday. It was pretty cool. For those who need an explanation, you have a planned route, and at each stop, each rider draws a playing card. When you get to the finish, the best hand wins! Needless to say, I didn't have the best hand, but a great time was had by all. The run was sponsored by Dixie Hawgs, give em a call for all your Harley Davidson needs. Tell 'em Mex sent ya!

Cooter came by, and we gave Lucy and the Nomad a bath. I spared ya from having to see more pics of the Nomad, this time! We left out of Dixie Hawgs and hit our first stop. Here's Jen during our first break going over from Lake Lure to Black Mountain. Helmet on, impatient as ever! :)
Here's a pic from our second stop at the Do Drop In Bar and Grill in Black Mountain.

Here's a cool custom, at our third stop, all I heard everyone calling it was
The Groundpounder!

Here's a cool '73. Same stop, at the Sweetencreek Pub.

Now we're all heading back to Dixie Hawgs for some of that free Barbecue and Cold Beverages!

Here's a cool '86 Yamaha VMax and Donnie's Hog after we got back.
The VMax was the only other metric bike in the bunch besides the Nomad.

Even though we didn't win any prizes, it was a fun day, met some cool folks, saw some cool bikes, and had some excellent barbecue! Can't wait for the next one!