Gone Fishin'

Went down to Charleston to see my ol' buddies Larry and Andy last weekend. We went up to Santee, Lake Moultrie, I think, and did a little fishin'. Everyone says that's the place to go for big Catfish, so we were psyched! We met the guy with the boat about 6am, it was a beautiful morning on the lake...

Then we showed up!!

Ol' Mexy
Now let's just assume we had a few cold beverages the night before, and leave it at that!!Anyway........
We got our first fish! I say we, because it was a group fish! Andy set the hook, he was closest to the rod, and actually paying attention!

I got to reel him in, and Larry handled the net.

And finally, drum roll please, we had us a fish!!

And Ol' Mexy was a happy little fisherman!!

Unfortunately, that was THE fish. All the little fish must have saw their buddy get yanked from the water, cause they cowardly ran away and hid! But it was a most enjoyable day spent on the lake, hanging out with the guys, having a few (read lots!) more cold beverages! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did!