Scott called me the Saturday after Christmas and said he was headed over. We drove up into Mills River over Yellow Gap and hiked the Slate Rock Trail.
Scott's new hobby is photography, so I went along to learn a little more about taking pics, plus the walk and fresh air would do me good.
It's probably a 2 mile hike to the top, just guessing, not too bad, and it is beautiful.
Here's two shots I took, one with my normal lense, and the other thru a polarizing filter. I have to say, I guess I need to learn a little more about my camera and maybe buy some attachments! The filter really brought out the true color, even though it's a little dark. So, thanks for the intro education, ol' buddy! Anyway, here's a few photo's from that trip.

Here we are on the rock.

This is a neat little "river" carved in the rock just from melting ice. Must've taken millions of years.

The Rock itself.